Key Features and Structure of HYIP Lister Script

Five Defined User Groups 

HYIP Lister software is designed with User Centric Approach. The user interface is designed to power the user to accomplish the required functions. The defined user groups are…

  1. Site Admin (Site Owner )
  2. Web Master ( HYIP Lister )
  3. Member ( HYIP Investor )
  4. Advertiser
  5. Guest 

HYIP Lister Script Front End Features

In HYIP Listing Script /  HYIP Monitoring Script, the front end serve as the key to success. The key front end design consideration are Navigation, Listing, Search, Highlight of Ratings / Status of HYIP and Advertisement Spacing. The front end design also determines the brand and usablity of the site.

Mobile First Responsive Design

The front end designed as Mobile First Responsive Design, making it suitable for accessing in all size of screens.

Utility First Tailwind CSS Framework

For UI Design, the TailwindCSS is used. The use of Utility First CSS Framework makes it easy to develop

Powered by VueJS & Blade Template Engine

VueJS is used for UI Components and also uses the Blade Template Engine for Front End.

HYIP Lister Script Webmaster Features

Looking for custom development

Our development team is available for the custom code development. We undertake HYIP Websites, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Bitcoin Donation (P2P), MLM Programs, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO ) websites.

Free Installation

Our team of experts will install the software in your VPS hosting or Shared Hosting for Free. Please check the server requirements in FAQ Section

Premium Support

Our team is available for application customization and improvements. Custom Development is supported for 60 days.

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